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S & D are leading stockists in Non-Ferrous Metals, including copper. Copper is a metal that’s red/orange in colour with a bright metallic lustre. Copper is malleable, ductile, and a good conductor of electricity and high thermal, excellent corrosion resistance, with great hot and cold working capabilities. Copper also enjoys good proof and tensile strengths and has the ability to be machined at high speeds and feeds.

As such a great conductor of heat and electricity, Copper is widely used within the electrical industry, as well as for radiators, motor and transformer components, and busbars. In addition to many other uses, copper is used in plumbing and for cookware, for example, in kettles and pans.

We supply Copper material in a range of different forms, including Copper Plate and Copper Sheet, Copper Flat Bar and Copper Square Bar, Copper Hexagon Rod and Copper Hollow Rod, and Copper Round Bar too. Read on for more information…

(We also stock a range of Sulphur Copper, Tellurium Copper, Silver Bearing Copper, Oxygen Free Copper, and Copper Chromium Zirconium products)

Copper Bar & Copper Rod

We stock an extensive variety of Copper Rods and Copper Bars here at S&D Non-Ferrous, all copper bars are extremely high quality and kept in grades CW004A and CW008A. Our CW004A copper bar is excellently versatile, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion resistant, conductive, and very workable, making it a popular choice across most industries. Our CW008A copper rods have a higher level of electrical conductivity than any other commercially available copper, as well as excellent thermal conductivity.

S&D Non-Ferrous copper rods and bars are available in a range of profiles, including:

Copper rods and bars are available in diameters of 3mm-254mm, and we can cut them to fit your perfect size, to save you the trouble!

Copper Plate & Copper Sheet

We stock possibly the largest range of copper sheet and copper plate in the UK here at S&D Non-Ferrous. Our copper plates are available in both CW004A and CW024A grades, which both have their benefits.

CW004A is a 99.9% pure copper metal known for its very high conductivity and ideal for electrical uses, whereas CW024A copper sheet is phosphorous and de-oxidised, which works particularly well for non-electrical uses, welding and brazing.

We currently hold CW004A plate ranging from 3mm-150mm in thickness and CW024A copper sheet in thinner, 0.7mm-6mm thicknesses. We can tailor cut all copper plates and sheets to the required length for your needs.


C101 / CW004A ~ Copper bar and plate ~ high conductivity.

C103 / CW008A ~ Copper bar and plate ~ Oxygen Free high conductivity.

C106 / CW024A ~ Copper sheet ~ Phosphorus de-oxidised.

C110 / CW009A ~ Copper plate ~ Oxygen Free high conductivity.

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Fast Turnaround


Copper was one of the first metals that was ever used by humans, and since its discovery in approximately 8000 B.C. we have found many innovative and useful ways to utilise copper metal.

Copper’s main properties and qualities include great ductility, excellent conductor of electricity and heat; it is also a malleable metal. Due to these characteristics, copper is often used in electrical components such as motors, wiring, machinery heat exchangers and electronic connecters.

Copper is also one of the primary metals used to make cooking utensils and equipment, but the copper that we probably have the most daily contact with - coins.

The density of copper in its purest form is 8.92 gm/cm3.

An easy way to determine if your copper is pure via density is to use the following method:

  • Measure the weight of your copper

  • Measure the dimensions of your copper to discover the volume (volume = L x W x H)

  • Divide the weight of your copper by the volume

  • Compare your results with the density of pure copper : 8.92 gm/cm3

If your result isn’t the same as above, this might mean your copper is not pure or that your measurements are not accurate.


Copper is a versatile method with a wide-ranging portfolio of properties that makes it the ideal metal to use in a variety of applications. Some of the most useful properties of copper are:

  • Good Electrical Conductivity

  • Good Thermal Conductivity

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Ductile and Malleable

  • Easy to Alloy

  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Non-Magnetic

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